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A Premier Sales Driven Organization
"Developing People and Companies With a Passion"




  • Improved Decision Making
  • Inspire Others
  • Increased Communication
  • A Plan to Achieve Goals
  • Implement Needed Skill Sets
  • Help Reps Both Learn and Implement Needed Sales Processes
  • Build Sales Tenure
  • Prospect with Greater Effectiveness
  • Manage Time/Territory
  • Grow Revenue and Profit
  • Drive Toward Excellence
  • Allows Nurturing    of Talent
  • Turn Challenges Into Strengths
  • Enhanced Performance

What We Do...
- Coco Training  helps B2B companies build leaders and grow sales by sharing proven repeatable sales processes.
- Our training programs are cutting edge with access to world class resources.
- Now Available- The Sales Builders Playbook...Encompasses the fundamental tools and skill sets needed to install a well-defined structure for any sales organization ( complete with pre sales, on-site, and post sales training).
- Sales Management Leadership Training-  Provide a Plan for the Plan in order to achieve sales targets focused on successful Implementation and Inspection.
- Sales Training- Build elite high performers by teaching a firm understanding of the sales cycle and creation of your Unique Value Proposition. Priority is New Business Development.
- Both instructor led and webinar based training...advanced courses as well.
-  Sales Coaching - We collaborate with business executives and sales teams to  proactively create clear vision and strategy allowing for proper alignment and growth tied to organizational goals and objectives.
- Facilitate Best Practices webinars that promote strong sales cultures.
- Give your manangers the skill sets to hire, train, inspire, and develop key sales talent.
- Provide the tools to attract high quality sales professionals to want your job.
- Increase revenues by building the Sales Funnel highlighted by improved consistency...Activities Breed Performance.

Coco Training Testimonials

Sales Development Program recognized with International Best Practices Award
" The committee believes the practice supports the spirit of continuous improvement, which will lead to both "Customer Satisfaction" and "Building Trust with Customers".
It serves
as a role model example in helping other Ricoh Group companies to understand their business process, resulting in added value to our customers ".
Kirk Yoshida, Chairman, Ricoh Company, Ltd.

"The tools that I have learned are incredible and I can now see how some of the bigger competitors run their businesses and how we can get a bigger slice of the market."
- Richard Crabtree, President

"Simply put, these are the best and more impactful training programs in our industry."
- Dave Hodges, Region Sales Manager

"Thanks again. Your program is a requirement and I'm glad I found you when I did."
-Charles Broussard, President